About A. Veronica Sauceda

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Veronica grew up in Lakewood, California, one of ten children born to parents who emigrated from Mexico. She attended public schools from K-12 and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Chicana/o Studies. Veronica mentored young women in the Raza Women de UCLA program, helping them to develop the confidence and commitment to successfully graduate.

Prior to law school, Veronica obtained an emergency teacher credential to teach third grade at Ferguson Elementary School, located in Hawaiian Gardens. As a student at UCLA School of Law, Veronica continued her commitment to encouraging other students to achieve success, as a mentor in the Law Fellows Program. Veronica graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the law school in 2001 and was admitted to practice law in California later that same year.

From an early age, Veronica learned from her parents to help those less fortunate. Taking her parents’ advice to heart, Veronica pursued a career in law to advocate on behalf of individuals and communities that lacked resources and meaningful access to the legal system.  For over 13 years, Veronica worked as an attorney at non-profit, legal service organizations, representing clients who could not afford private attorneys.

As a lawyer, Veronica was a fierce advocate on behalf of her clients. Veronica obtained hundreds of restraining orders protecting victims of domestic violence and children from abuse. She litigated complex family law cases, including dissolution of marriage, paternity, restraining orders, high conflict custody disputes, and child support. Veronica often negotiated favorable settlements in highly contested cases for clients. 

In addition to representing individual clients, Veronica mentored and trained other attorneys and advocated for policies to ensure access to justice. Veronica was a key player in the county-wide advocacy lead non-profit organizations to ensure that individuals who do not speak English can access all services in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  

In 2015, Veronica was vetted and elected by the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges to serve as a Superior Court Commissioner. Veronica was elected by judges to do what they do; which is to judge. She is a judicial officer and performs most of the duties of a judge. For almost three years, Veronica has presided over both traffic matters in West Covina and currently over a family law courtroom in Compton. As a Commissioner, Veronica has bench experience and has already attended numerous trainings for judges and commissioners, including specific courses on criminal, traffic, and family law. Veronica is a fair and impartial bench officer because she understands the many needs of the diverse court users of Los Angeles County.

Veronica has excelled in her almost three years as a Commissioner and is ready to take the skills she’s developed to a new level as Judge. Those who know her profession and her work ethic agree. The Los Angeles County Superior Court Presiding Judge, Daniel Buckley, has enthusiastically endorsed and described her as “exceptionally well qualified” to serve as Judge.